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          To be at your side on the occasion of your wedding or a session is for me to tell your story and this moment in pictures. Above all, I like wedding reports because they bring immense and rare emotions. In my opinion, the most beautiful way to highlight this day is to do it in the form of a photo report.


          A wedding day shines in different and sometimes unpredictable light. This contributes to the beauty of such an event and makes it possible to have contrasting or rather soft scenes. It is important for me to play with these different lights and put them at the service of the bride and groom and their guests. The weather on a wedding day is one of the important concerns of the bride and groom. I like to cover weddings in all situations and adapt to the natural light available to highlight scenes that will be truly unique. Shadows are for me an essential asset of the story I want to tell with you. The lights of a window or the shadows of a tree, bride and groom or an element of the decor define an atmosphere and highlight important moments.


          It seems that nature does things well...
          A snapshot taken in natural light is always a reflection of the most beautiful thing....
          During my photo reports, I prefer to give free rein to emotion, to your natural attitudes and I always try to put you at ease for unasked photos, more free and in my opinion, always more beautiful. For light, I also give maximum priority to the natural. Indeed, I do not use flash during the day to preserve the shadows and soft shades of natural light. During the evening, when the brightness becomes too low, I use flashes of course, trying my best to preserve a natural look. The natural has that something ephemeral that makes photography so precious, the intact reflection of the moment lived, of your day so strong in feelings!


          This day is also the marriage of colours. There are of course the surrounding colours of the wedding: sky, places or landscapes. But what makes this day unique and ephemeral comes from the combination of all the other nuances of D-day: There are the tonalities of the style or theme chosen by the couple (Boho, Rustic-chic, minimalist, vintage, trendy, rock or other). There are also the colours of the region or country of the wedding, the fusion of the roots or origins of the bride and groom and guests, the colours and shades of the dresses, costumes and other accessories, the blues, reds, greys and pinks of the time or the tonality given by the guests. The colours are so present and so diverse on the day of the event that I am always keen to restore them and bring my creativity and relief. The colours will also be the common thread to tell and retrace the story of this wonderful day!

          Wedding photographer in Paris

          A day with the bride and groom:

          Before the wedding: the first exchanges with the future bride and groom sometimes begin even before knowing the wedding date: on the occasion of their marriage proposal… It is a magical moment, which I like to photograph, because it will forever remain an engraved moment for the loving couple with often immense emotions. In most cases, the future spouses contact me during the organization of their wedding, shortly after the fitting of wedding dresses or the choice of the place of reception. It is very important for me to meet the bride and groom before the wedding and to get to know their history. I want to build mutual trust and a friendly atmosphere so that they can fully enjoy their wedding day and be as relaxed as possible on D-Day. This complicity will contribute to the smooth running of the day and will be the little extra for a lively and natural reporting.

          The wedding day: as for the bride and groom, a wedding day is, for the photographer, a day like no other. It is most often a full-day photo essay. This requires professionalism and discretion, but also experience in framing and shooting to capture key moments of the day. The day usually begins with the preparations, then comes the ceremony, the couple photos, the cocktail, the decoration, the dinner, the set up room, the opening of the ball and finally the evening: most often between 10 and 14 hours of shooting. It is essential to use a very professional photographer who will be able to adapt to all light and weather conditions and the time constraints imposed by the day. In this sense, I always prepare this day in advance with the bride and groom so that they feel comfortable on the day. My main objective is to be able to freeze the natural expressions of the bride and groom and their families and guests. It is also important for me to bring my sensitivity and creativity to it to deliver the most beautiful memories possible. I work with high quality professional photo equipment. A sharp equipment allows to photograph in even difficult light conditions and it also allows to save and secure the photos throughout the day. In my opinion, photographing the whole day with the approach of photojournalism, i.e. in a documentary and spontaneous way, will allow you to relive the event completely with its strong and moving moments.

          After the wedding: When the wedding ends, it is time for me to protect the photos and save them in several copies. Then comes the post-treatment phase, this work is also essential since it will determine the aesthetic rendering of the photos. I process each color photo and a part of the black and white photos. In my opinion, to transcribe a wedding day is to tell a story: your story. The crucial step for me is both the work of colors and finding THE treatment that will sublimate the images. In a second step, I provide the bride and groom with a web gallery with all the wedding photos. I then deliver a personalized box set to the bride and groom, containing high-resolution images and fine art prints: an object that will, I hope, be an unforgettable memory before you fly to your honeymoon!

          Wedding ceremonies:

          My wedding report concerns all styles of weddings, the ceremonies differ according to the choices of the future bride and groom: the civil ceremony, the religious ceremony (Catholic wedding, Jewish wedding, marriage in the Muslim tradition, Hindu wedding, Shinto wedding or others…), the secular ceremony, the intimist wedding: elopement… etc.

          Weddings in Paris and the Paris region :

          I produce photo reports of weddings in Paris but also throughout the Ile de France: the Yvelines, the Hauts de Seine, the Val de Marne, the Seine et Marne, the Essonne, the Seine-Saint-Denis and the Val d’Oise.

          The reception areas:

          In Paris and throughout the region, the service providers for wedding venues are numerous, diverse and of exceptional quality. Whether it is a wedding in a castle, on the banks of the Seine or in a prestigious wedding venue (Hôtel du Ritz, Hôtel de Crillon, Hôtel le Meurice, Hôtel le Dauphine, Maison de l’Amérique latine, Domaine de Quincampoix, Ferme d’Armenon, Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay…etc), they are magical places to immortalize your wedding and take beautiful photos.

          Photo-reporter and portrait photographer:

          Wedding photography represents a large part of my profession as a professional photographer, but I also work on portrait and lifestyle photography more generally: photo shooting, couple’s session, bachelorette parties, corporate portrait, event photography, family photography, pregnancy photography, children’s portraits and photo courses.

          I invite you to contact me and discover my wedding blog and my services in the menu to get more information.

          Wedding photo-report in Paris