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        In my opinion, to photograph a wedding is to capture furtive moments that arise between the actors of the event. It is also to transcribe the atmosphere and the colors of the day. I will take particular care to highlight the details that make up this great day. I will be keen to capture the highlights, but also the picturesque situations that characterize the wedding.

        I work in the form of a photo-reportage: this means that almost all the photos are not posed. I work in a discreet and non-intrusive way in order to obtain natural images, scenes, expressions and emotions. This involves constant observation and being able to capture moments as soon as they arise. The experience of wedding reportage also allows me to feel the interesting moments coming and to be technically ready to capture that moment. A wedding day is full of important moments, emotions, atypical or funny scenes and moments of grace.

        The vast majority of future brides and grooms confide in me that they are not “photogenic”. This remark is recurrent and reassures me every time! Being photographed for a whole day is not a usual thing and for the majority of the bride and groom, it has never happened before. The real fear of the bride and groom is not to have a natural expression. It is precisely with people who are not used to taking pictures that you get the most beautiful and natural expressions. On the big day, emotion and events follow one another very quickly and my presence quickly becomes very secondary. The bride and groom forget me very quickly and I have the possibility to go and capture all the spontaneous and natural images.

        Here in a few words are the ingredients that will allow me to tell your story.


        What does wedding mean to you?

        Where are you located? Can I book you for a wedding anywhere in France or abroad?

        How long does a service last?

        What are your packages, what do they include?

        How do you manage the booking of a service?

        Will all images be post-processed?

        What is your style regarding photo processing? Is black and white possible?


        As a photographer, wedding has a very special place for me; it is a moment of life that brings together all emotions. I want to capture all these moments of happiness, love, joy, laughter but also tears and to faithfully transcribe all these feelings in my photos so that they look like you.
        More than just a photo, images will be your memories to look back on and share throughout your life.


        How many pictures of our wedding will we get?

        What type of equipment do you use?

        Do you use flashes very often or natural light?

        When will we get the pictures after our wedding?

        You mentioned an online gallery. How does it work?

        Can we order albums and photo prints?

        How far in advance will we have to book you?


        You will receive the best photos of your wedding day. Usually, I deliver between 500 and 800 images, depending on the duration of my service.